Legionella diagnose

Our local teams are at your service to:

  • Survey your installation and diagnose the possible problems.
  • Propose adapted solutions.
  • Install an adequate follow up system.
  • Train your employees.

Our offer will do its best to optimize both technical and economical standpoints for your company.

To meet customers requirements, Aloès is equipped with specific meters that permit to:

  • Ensure an efficient auto control of your assets
  • Confirm the validity and efficiency of a new specific treatment
  • Quicker detection of an abnormal bacterial growth
  • Check several parts of an installation
  • Measure and optimize the efficiency of a biocide treatment

Since 2005, Aloès is equipped with the PCR apparatus for a quick and reliable counting of the legionella spp y pneumophila bacteria. Results are available 3 hours after receiving the sample at our laboratory. This test method is certified AFNOR (XP T 90-471) and may be used as a complement of the regulatory analysis (norm NF T 90-431).

Moreover, Aloès invested in several field ATP meters to properly evaluate the bacterial evolution in the water circuits. This analysis rings the bell over a legionella risk surveying the bacterial growth in the circuits.